Flytta Till is the meeting place between Sweden’s countryside and people who are considering moving away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Flytta Till is also Sweden’s only nationwide, multi-lingual web portal aimed at marketing all of Sweden’s communes.

The goal for is to help keep the Swedish countryside alive by sharing information and inspiration about all the amazing opportunities the countryside has to offer when it comes to jobs and careers, accommodation, social life and all those other things you need – only with less stress and a higher quality of life.

Flytta Till was created by Peter Helin, an expat ’pitebo’ (someone from the northern town of Piteå) with many years of experience from marketing and recruitment both in Sweden and internationally.

A bucket of weeds became the foundation for a growth portal for the Swedish countryside

The idea for Flytta Till was hatched when Peter and his family had purchased a classic red house with white corners in a village outside Sandviken and he was deep in his own thoughts whilst weeding  in the backyard (the best ideas are, as we all know, hatched when you least expect it.)

Peter realized that he and his family would not have the same ability to buy a similar house with a big yard in Stockholm, where they are currently living and working during the weeks, and that there are incredible opportunities to combine a career and work-life balance by just looking outside of the big city. Peter also realized that there is no central hub where people who are interested in moving away from, for example, Stockholm can explore and get to know the rest of Sweden.

So now there is.

Welcome to your guide to life outside the big city!


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