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Alingsås, western Sweden’s most beautiful culture town according to many, is located in a vibrant countryside. The charming town center with its cobblestone courtyards, genuine stores, and historic wooden houses is called the ‘café town’ for a reason.

Why move to Alingsås?

In Alingsås you are always close to nature and the water that flows through the town center. The commune is also known for its hilly landscape and many lakes.

We are also close to a lot. Gothenburg is only 50 kilometers away and with great communications you have easy access to the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Alingsås has been a significant trade center as far back as to the stone age, and that is a well-kept legacy. Research shows that a lot of people come to Alingsås for the commerce and maybe also a visit to one of our many cafes. Alingsås is, in fact, one of the most ‘café dense’ towns in Sweden.

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet: Alingsås is the best place to live! This is also confirmed by the ‘Bäst-att-bo’ (Best place to live) report produced by the Jönköping Business School in partnership with Fokus magazine. According to the report, Alingsås is one of Sweden’s best countryside communes to live in.

So, welcome!


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